Improve The Layout Of The Industrial Chain, Jiang Bolong's Acquisition Of 70%Of Yuancheng Suzhou Officially

On October 1st, Shenzhen Jiangbo Long Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiang Bolong) acquired 70%equity transaction of Licheng Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and has officially completed the delivery, and will be included in the Jiang Bolong's merger statement from now on.


At the same time, the target company of this transaction Licheng Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has been renamed Yuancheng Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuancheng Suzhou, English for shortLongForce) is directly controlled by Jiang Bolong's new subsidiary Jiang Bolong Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


Licheng Technology and its related companies will continue to provide relevant support services based on the service agreement signed by the two parties to ensure that Yuancheng Suzhou's continuous operation.



Yuancheng Suzhou predecessors were ultra -micro semiconductors and flying semiconductors.In 2009, he became a wholly -owned subsidiary of Licheng Technology. Its main business includes chip packaging, testing and patch. The main products involve flash memory chips, memory chips and logic chips.


After the transaction is completed, Yuancheng Suzhou will formally operate independently and continue to undertake the sealing and testing business of the existing customer group.In addition, Yuancheng Suzhou will further increase its investment in the research and development and packaging test process, actively introduce the industry's high -end packaging testing equipment and outstanding talents, and continue to improve the packaging testing capacityIntelligent, high -performance computing, smart cars, smartphones, smart wearables and other fields provide high -quality services.


At the same time, this acquisition, as a specific measure for Jiang Bolong to strengthen the layout of the production and manufacturing end, the company will be expected to further enhance the capacity and capacity of the storage chip packaging and capacity, improve the industrial chain layout, strengthen the business cooperative relationship with the original wafer original factory.Improve product quality, quickly respond to customer needs, flexibly customize product specifications, and provide stable production capacity and form a joint force to enhance the company's market influence and core competitiveness, eventually enhance the company's long -term profitability, and achieve the strategic layout of the company's semiconductor storage brand.




The company has always attached importance to the global layout of the storage business and actively implements the domestic and international dual -cycle strategies.since  In 2017, since multinational acquisition of the Lexar (Lexar) brand and successfully achieved global operations, the company has continued to explore in enhancing international operation capabilities, creating elastic supply chains and business systems.The advantages of products and local manufacturing provide better services for global customers.


This year, the company's self -developed master -control chip has also made breakthrough progress. By cooperating with advanced packaging testing capabilities, in the future, the company's core memory products will be fully emphasized to effectively improve the quality, performance and safety of each product line, strengthen the company's storage field in the storage fieldCore competitiveness.

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