Stewell Launched A 5MP High -Resolution Iot Image Sensor SC535IOT With AOV Fast -Opening Function

Stewell (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Stewell, stock code: 688213), announced the launch of 5MP high -resolution fast -starting IoT series image sensor new products -SC535iOT.This new back-photo product is equipped with SmartClarity-3 technology, Lightbox IR technology, and the second-generation SmartaEC technology. It supports the three major functions of near-infrared sensitivity, full-time video, and high dynamic range.The camera brings better night vision full -color imaging performance, which can meet the needs of smart home vision systems for higher resolution.

The SC535ioT released this time uses 2592HX1944V resolution design. It provides a larger vertical space with 4: 3 format specifications, and supports binocular stitching.Household IoT cameras and other IoT scenarios provide key support.


Advanced second -generation SMARTAEC technology, achieve excellent full -time video function

Conventional home Internet of Things cameras can only start videos or notify users only when exercise or specific events occur, so users cannot meet the security needs of users at any time.

The SC535ioT, as the first CMOS image sensor product equipped with the second -generation SmartaEC technology, has joined forces with the main control SOC chip to support the full -time video (AOV) function.When there is an event triggered, the SC535IOT can record at a speed of up to 60fps; when there is no incident, the SC535ioT can continue to record at the ultra -low frame rate of 1 frame per second, and the power consumption is less than 50MW, so as to achieve 7 × at the ultra -low power AOV function of 7 ×24 -hour all -weather video, solve the shortcomings of the traditional IoT camera scheme without events without events, to achieve the goal of battery normalization.SC535ioT can provide all -weather monitoring coverage for various scenarios such as hunting cameras, outdoor 4G solar cell IPCs, smart vision doorbell/door locks, driving recorders, etc. users can view real -time conditions through mobile applications or network browsers anytime, anywhere, which is greatImprove the flexibility and efficiency of monitoring.

Excellent high frame rate+low -power design to achieve dual guarantee of smooth battery life

Thanks to the excellent high frame rate design of Stewell, the SC535ioT can output images at a rate of 60fps to help the camera capture the video in a smoother and clearer way, and accurately record the expressions, behaviors and activities of the elderly, children and pets in the family in the family.EssenceTherefore, help users understand the situation in the home in a timely manner and provide guarantee for the security of family members.

In addition, with the blessing of the excellent low -power design of Stewell, the working power consumption of SC535ioT has a 15%reduction compared with similar products in the industry, thereby providing better battery life for high -end domestic IoT cameras, and significantly reduced the hair in the operation process.The heat, enhance the durability and long -term stability of the camera, and extend its service life.


Lightbox IR and other advanced technology blessings to create excellent night vision full color imaging effects

Night is a period of increasing potential risk of family. For example, the elderly may move in difficulties at night or children need extra care at night.The IoT camera with excellent night vision performance can provide clearer images to help family members understand and respond to emergencies more accurately.

The SC535ioT is based on the unique SmartClarity-3 technology of Stewell. Combined with the newly upgraded BSI pixel technology and mask splicing technology, it is equipped with Sterwei's outstanding Lightbox IR technology and other innovative technologies to achieve excellent near-infrared sensitivity enhancement function.In the night or low light, it can also provide high -quality and high reliability image information for the camera with high sensitivity, low noise, and high dynamic range (HDR).

    high sensitivity

The SC535ioT uses advanced Lightbox IR technology to introduce improved deep grooveded isolation (DTI) to have excellent photosensitive performance in the infrared wave segment.Compared with previous generation technology products, SC535IOT has increased by about 27%at a peak of quantum efficiency (Peak QE) at 940 nanometer wavelength; the sensitivity has increased by more than 49%, helping the high -end IoT visual system can also be on a micr -light night night.Clear shooting, showing bright pictures, so as to achieve ultra -clear care of the family at night.

    low noise

With the help of Stewell's innovative ultra -low noise peripheral reading circuit technology, SC535ioT achieved better noise suppression.The read noise of SC535ioT is as low as 0.62e-, which is reduced by 23%compared with the industry in the industry, bringing the image effect with clean, low noise, and clear details.Essence



SC535ioT supports the overlapping width dynamic mode (2-EXPOSURERED HDR), which enables the IoT camera to capture a wider range of light in the night or low-light environment, showing richer bright and dark details and clearer imagesinformation.Compared with similar products, the HDR of SC535io has improved nearly 10DB.

Dr. Mo Huawu, co -founder and chief technology officer of Stewell, said: The SC535ioT released this time is the new masterpiece of Stewell on the 5MP high -resolution IoT image sensor track.This new product is equipped with a variety of innovative technologies such as SmartClarity-3, Lightbox IR, and second-generation SMARTAEC, which integrates three major functions of increasing infrared sensitivity, full-time video, and high dynamic range.The SC535ioT can output high -quality images with a high frame rate of 60FPS, and at the same time to ensure all -weather image recording with a lower power consumption. In the night of the microman scene, the chip can also achieve excellent image quality.Scenes.


The SC535ioT has now accepted samples and is expected to achieve mass production in Q2 in 2024.If you want to know more about SC535ioT products, please contact Stewell sales staff.

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