Taiwan's Supply Chain Transfer Mexico

Supply chain reorganization plus neighboring US markets, Haruo, Hon Hai, Dongyuan, and Da University actively deploy Mexico. The products cover electric vehicle parts, industrial motors,serverAssembly, car parts, industrial computer applications, etc.

The Taiwan Factory actively deployed Mexico, and the legal person pointed out that the supply chain restructuring trend and the US -Mexico and the United States (USMCA) Tariff -free incentives, coupled with Mexico's next to the US market, Taiwan plants accelerate the expansion of Mexican production capacity.

Heshuo announced on the 25th that it will invest about NT $ 2.421 billion in Mexican subsidiaries to sprint the electric vehicle business.The legal person pointed out that the Heshuo Mexican factory mainly produces vehicle products, and the customer of high -frequency trading is the US electric vehicle factory Tesla.

Hon Hai Group continued to deploy Mexico. In early January, it announced that the subsidiary of the subsidiary IncraSys Technology (Ingrasys Technology) Mexico was 10 million US dollars. Market evaluation. The investment mainly expands the server assembly business.

Last September Hon Hai Group and northern MexicoChiwawaThe government of Chihuahua has established strategic partnerships to lock the development of capital communication, vehicle use, and renewable energy development.

Hon Hai Group has laid out Mexico for many years. According to information, Hon Hai Group's Fu Zhikang, the group's subsidiary PARAGON SOLUTIONS, the subsidiary Foxteq, Hongteng 688 Precision Technology, and the logistics related enterprises have set up a stronghold in Mexico.Essence

Electromechanical Plant Dongyuan Mexico's high -efficiency and low -pressure motor factory. It was completed in mid -September last year. Some Asian factories in Dongyuan transferred to the new Mexican factory to reduce the risk of long chain in the nearby supply market.Motor factory, attacking the United States, Canada, Central and South America, and business opportunities in Mexico.

The automotive transmission system manufacturer and the large construction of new factories in New Mexico this year will continue to start construction. The nearest supply of Tesla electric vehicle key accessories will be connected to the Mexican car supply chain.

The Motor Curtain Factory Huangtian Industry will produce airbags for the application of airbags this year. It is expected to produce in the second quarter. In the third quarter, the production capacity will be fully opened and contributed revenue.

Automotive water tank supplier Ji Mao Precision promoted the expansion of the Mexican factory water tank radiator production base this year. It is estimated that the small batch of production in the first quarter is estimated to be mass -produced in the second quarter.

Car Sheng-KY has a subsidiary in Mexico to serve the brand car factory in Mexico. Huasheng-KY pointed out that this year's overseas markets outside China can be expected, especially the North American market. It is estimated that the overseas market will account forCan be increased to 13%.

The Industrial Computer Factory has also planned to expand the production capacity and factory of the Mexican factory, and in response to the needs of new orders in the future.Huanxu Electronics, a subsidiary of the Grand Factory Sun Moonlight Investment Control, purchased land in the Mexico factory in the second half of 2022, and built a new second factory at Guadalajara, a large industrial center in Mexico, is expected to be put into operation this year.

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